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Opening Hours

Off-peak = Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:00 Peak = Monday to Friday 17:00 – 23:00 and Saturday and Sunday 09:00 – 23:00

Our Gaming Setup

We have a total of 10 high spec PCs which can play all the latest games at 60 FPS. All PCs have 27” 1080p gaming screens with 144hz refresh rate and are excellent for casual play and teams wanting to practice for eSports tournaments. All PCs have gaming keyboards, mice and dedicated 7.1 gaming headsets.

We also have five Xbox One X systems which are connected to 27″ 1080p monitors and 7.1 surround headsets for the best audio and visual experience.

Our PS4 Pros are hooked up to 4K TVs alongside PSVR to give a taste of VR.


Our Venue

Our facilities include: –

Free Parking Disabled Access Fast Internet High Spec PCs Gaming Monitors
Gaming Headsets Gaming Mice Gaming Keyboards Near City Centre Plenty of Seating


Party Packages

Our party packages cater specifically for Birthdays and other special occassions. These bundles include:-


PC gaming for 10 people, soft drinks, snacks, goody-bags, 5 minute video of the gaming session and discount voucher.


For peak time bookings we offer pizzas in addition to the Off-peak bundle

Current Selection of Games

We currently offer the following library of games. However, if customers are welcomed to use their own online gaming libraries. The PEGI ratings are shown next to the game: –


CSGO (18) Rainbow 6 Siege (18) Dota2 (12) Overwatch (12) Call of Duty (18)
Fortnite (12) League of Legends (12) Street Fighter 5 (12) Rocket League (3) Hearthstone (7)
PUBG (18) Minecraft (7) World of Warcraft (12) Warframe (18) Battlefield (18)
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